Sarah is Passionate About Mentoring Actors.

In addition to holding an MFA in Acting from the Guthrie Theatre/University of Minnesota and subsequently teaching Acting at the University of Minnesota, Portland Community College, Foothill College, The New Actor's Theatre in New York, and the LEAP Program in the Bronx, Ms. Overman has extensive experience on the "other side of the table" as a professional Casting Director and Producer in Theatre, Film, and Commercials.  At Nancy Hayes Casting in San Francisco, she created the "One-on-Ones" to share with actors the inside story on the casting process and help them come up with a clear plan to develop their own careers and build their skills.  She has also taught screenwriting to young women at Camp Reel Stories in Oakland and Skills In Film to teenagers at the California Film Institute.

This holistic view of the business is the special lens that Sarah wants to share with her students.  As Actors we are often in the dark about how to forward ourselves in this very competitive environment. Balancing the realities of business and art can be confusing and frustrating.  Ms. Overman is extremely passionate about helping actors attract success and make the most of their time.  She's been acting for almost 30 years and continues to work, so she comes from a "boots on the ground" point of view.

Sarah offers Private Coaching Sessions in Spokane for anyone looking to improve their skills.  She's worked with kids as young as eight and adults into their 70's.

Please contact her by email and include  a little information about who you are and what you're looking for.  Rates vary according to your needs.

CV Available Upon Request.